Trick or CHEAT?

Trick or CHEAT?



WATCH OUT Men and Women use Halloween as the perfect excuse to cheat!
Is your spouse trick or cheating this Halloween? Trick or cheat? Cheat, apparently, as thousands of men and women admit to having an affair on Halloween night.

Why Halloween? Halloween acts as the perfect opportunity for women to meet other men. Most men are always curious as to what their partners are up to on a night out, and they wouldn’t normally permit them to dress promiscuously. On Halloween, however, women can wear what they like and completely get away with it. Sexy kittens, sexy mice and sexy nurses. Anything goes.

Women love male attention, and men find an attractive woman in a sexy outfit an irresistible treat for the eyes.

Not all women have illicit intentions, but those that do are finding that Halloween provides the perfect excuse to go behind their partner’s back. They don their kitten outfit, slip outside the house, and their boyfriends and husbands are none the wiser.

Is your spouse trick or cheating this Halloween? Halloween is the one time of the year when people let their guard down to impersonate characters or act inappropriately. 

Classic social psychology experiment on Halloween shows how groups, anonymity, modelling and shifting of responsibility encourage people to cheat.

People will cheat for all sort of different reasons in all sorts of different ways — in love, in their finances and at work — but social psychologists are particularly interested in the general features of situations in which people cheat.


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