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Almost half of women have another man in the background they can run to when their current relationship ends.
About half of women have a man in the shadows as plan B should their current relationship end. The Plan B is more likely to be an old friend who has always had feelings for her; it could also be an ex or a colleague or someone she met at the gym.

Plan B is probably someone she has known for around seven years and more likely someone that would be ready and waiting for unfinished business. 1 in 10 women revealed that their Plan B has confessed undying love for them, while 1 in 5 revealed he would drop everything for her if she asked him to.
About four in ten revealed that they met their Plan B while with their current partner and a similar number revealed that he has been there long before.
Interestingly, one in four amazingly have same feelings for their back up as they do for their partner, while an incredible 12 percent revealed that they even had stronger feelings. So does your lady have a backup lover or are you a backup lover to another lady?

Why do women have a plan B Back-up lover? Click here:  4 Reasons Women Have a Back-up Lover

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