Is Your Spouse Cheating

Is Your Spouse Cheating

A lot of relationships have their problems, no one is perfect. But of course, there is a line, when there is a too big of a problem where is that line drawn?

They’ll tell you they have to work late at night. Or they’ll leave work in the middle of the day to go meet with someone when of course you don’t know that they’re leaving. Sometimes people will hide credit cards from their spouse and spend money on expensive dinners for two. Maybe you’re finding receipts around the house that you know you didn’t spend money on.

A lot of people get defensive over their phone. This could be the number one sign we’ve seen in most cheating spouses. They’re very protective over who goes on it and what they look at when they’re on it. A lot of spouses will catch their husband or wife on the phone a lot texting or having secretive calls. When they’re caught doing that you may ask who it was on the phone or why they’re always looking over their shoulder while making these calls or texts, and they have no explanation right away except for some stuttering and babbling about nonsense.

Cheating spouses is a huge case that we take in a lot in our line of work. We see a lot of these signs in people that we later end up catching. How we catch them cheating sometimes is a short process or a long one. It all depends on the person. Some people will show patterns or others are a hit and miss where it rarely happens, maybe only on occasions; however, that doesn’t mean we cant catch them.

All the technology we use is up to date and the most professional cameras are used on surveillance to catch your cheating spouse. What we regularly do to catch a cheating spouse is place a GPS tracker on their vehicle to watch where they’re going. If they go somewhere they shouldn’t be, the movies, restaurants, random address, we follow to capture video and pictures to see what it is that they’re really doing.

Sometimes people will bring in their spouses phones late at night to us so we can forensically retrieve any information on the phone. Even if its been deleted we can pull up pictures, call logs, texts messages, even contacts! Maybe your spouse got a new phone, and put the old one in a drawer or box, we can still retrieve any information off that phone. Even if its been transferred to their new phone. We MUST have the pass code to get into someones phone. If you don’t have the phone its not guaranteed that we can get in. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

You should always talk with a private investigator first regarding your situation, and think about hiring one, if these signs match your spouses actions. Trying to do the work yourself can be dangerous and could get you in a lot of trouble. Everyone here at Eye Spy Investigations is licensed and certified. Everything stays confidential and any information on an investigation is shared with YOU ONLY. We’ve been in business for 25 years. We go over cases like this everyday. Is your spouse cheating? Again we do not recommend at all trying it on your own. Hire us today and call 586-285-5000 to speak with someone about your case.


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