Recover Deleted Text Messages

Recover Deleted Text Messages



Text Messages Are A Cheater’s Best Friend

Spouses who cheat love technology. Text messages are an easy, cheap, and immediate way to communicate with the person who they are cheating with. (They love picture messages also.) There’s something playful and exciting about sending a text or picture and getting a positive response. Plus, they can immediately delete anything that they don’t want for their spouse to read.

Even if the cheating spouse is very careful to hide their texting, this is the first logical place that most suspicious spouses are going to look.

The sneaky spouse will usually think that they’ve gotten rid of all evidence of their inappropriate texts by merely hitting delete. This can give them a false sense of security and they’ll keep right on messaging back and forth and leaving a trail even though they assume they are perfectly safe.

But, hitting delete isn’t the end of the story.

Recover Deleted Text Messages

The cheating spouse assumes that this message is deleted forever, they speak freely. This is exactly what you want to read.

I realize that sometimes spouses will swear that their deleting their texts is perfectly innocent. They will tell you that they were just cleaning out their files and leaving room. Or they will tell you that they just wanted to get rid of things from work that are outdated now. Well, any reasonably recent cell phone will automatically delete messages once the files get full. This is true of even the cheapest phone.

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