Who’s Watching You

Who’s Watching You

Who's Watching You

Who’s Watching You

Ever feel like someones constantly watching you? Maybe you’re at home alone and you have a gut feeling that you’re being watched or someone is listening to your private conversations? Who’s Watching You?

Even your car or office could be bugged with cameras, a GPS tracker, or a speaker. Someone could be listening to every single thing you’re saying or they could be tracking where you’re going. All of these things are illegal!!!

Here at Eye Spy we investigate into bug sweeps EVERY day. We are up to date on all the technology needed for a bug sweep. We are certified and licensed in doing everything necessary during a bug sweep. The equipment we use is the best around and catches any frequencies throughout a car, office, or house.

Who’s watching you?

Maybe your partner or a parent bugged your car and you want to figure out were the GPS is located on the car. We can easily find it for you and disconnect it or take it off. Sometimes a GPS could be located inside of the car. Wherever it may be we can find it.

Many people have married someone who they don’t really know like they thought they did. They may have married someone who has their whole entire house bugged. Watching what they’re doing at home while they’re away or listening in on any conversations they may be having (Yes, your phone may be bugged too).

We’ve had clients hire us before where their partner has their house bugged and they’re watching them from work. A lot of people can put hidden cameras in the simplest stuff and live stream it off of wifi and watch them 24/7.

Getting a bug sweep is very important especially if you have a feeling you are being watched. It can happen to anyone, even at work. Your office could be bugged, maybe by a creepy coworker who always made you feel uncomfortable. Maybe even your boss!

Everything we do here at Eye Spy is professionally done and should not be done yourself. We have the most reliable equipment that is all up to date. Everything is 100% confidential.

Find out if your house, office, car, or even your phone is bugged! Hire us today and give us a call at 586-285-5000. Who’s watching you?

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