Who Are We

Who Are We

11875496_424719401071673_1469868335_nWho are we?

We are Eye Spy Investigations and we’ve been in business for 25 years. We are professionalized in all cases and licensed.

Whether its a cheating spouse, a child custody case, bug sweeps, background checks, or missing person we do it all.

We have the latest technology that most PI’s don’t, enabling us to provide more information and getting deeper into an investigation. We use GPS trackers that we put on vehicles that are 100% accurate. Our video cameras used for surveillance to capture footage is the newest up to date cameras with great quality. The device used for bug sweeps is 100% legit as well. Anyone that uses the device is trained and qualified on how to use it correctly and to use it at all. We are well known for our background checks. There are plenty different kinds of background checks such as a criminal background check. Make sure you are specific.

Everything we do is 100% confidential and legal. It is all documented and comes with a written report.

If you need help with a case you can hire us online at www.eyespy911.com or call and set an appointment or hire over the phone at 586-285-5000

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