Better Safe Than Sorry

Better Safe Than Sorry

They always say better safe than sorry. Background checks are extremely important to do whether its for a job, dating someone, or letting someone new into the family such as a daughter or son-in-law. You never really know who you can trust and it can be extremely dangerous if you know nothing about someone.

We do criminal background checks on anyone you’re suspicious about. Maybe you met someone online and you want to figure out if they’ve ever been in trouble with the law. A lot of people you meet online aren’t who they claim to be. They steal money, hack into your accounts, even stalk you or become obsessed.

Maybe someone has been lying to you about their past. You start dating someone and they can be very secretive about their life and don’t want to share too much information with you. They get defensive, or deny ever being in jail for something. They could be lying about how much money they bring in and how they’re getting it.

Our background checks go through many different things on a person. It could be a standard background check which includes phone numbers, addresses (past and recent), vehicle information, possible relatives, etc.

There are also criminal background checks that goes into details of why someone was arrested if they had been. Even if something was a misunderstanding with the law, we can find it.

Maybe you’re curious as to how much money someones bringing in. Your ex and you are battling for custody of your kids and they claim to have a job and that they’re making money but you don’t believe them. Our bank searches background checks tell us what they’re bringing in, any checking and saving accounts, or even if they have a bond, etc.

Hire a private investigator today and geyespyinvestigations-header_r1_c1ive us basic information about them and we can find out anything about their record whether it’s here in Michigan or any other state they’ve ever lived in, in the United States.

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