New Years Kiss

New Years Kiss
New Years Kiss

Is Kissing Someone on New Year’s Cheating?

What is your New Year’s resolution? Who will you be kissing at midnight?

 What if your significant other is too drunk to make rational decisions? Who will be their New Years kiss?

New Year’s Eve is no excuse to do anything you wouldn’t normally do. If kissing is considered cheating by the guidelines of your relationship, New Year’s Eve doesn’t change that.

What if you are away from you significant other for New Year’s? Is it cheating if their best friend kisses them? Is a kiss on the forehead or cheek considered cheating?

 If your significant other and their best friend are really close, does it send any kind of wrong message?

Maybe you aren’t the jealous type.  Maybe your significant other can kiss someone on the cheek and you wouldn’t care. Would you care if it was a kiss on the lips?

New Year’s Kiss. Does it depend on the kiss?

Some people kiss their male and female friends hello, goodbye, good luck, happy new years, birthday, Merry Christmas, whatever – but its a quick peck and its over and done with.

The difference is, is this done  in full view of your significant other and their spouses or girl friends if they have one? Anything more than a quick kiss can be understandably misconstrued and cause huge trouble.

Kissing someone isn’t really cheating or is it? , Lusting after someone might be considered cheating in the heart.  If you fulfill that lust by actually having sex then you have obviously cheated.

Do you fantasize about having sex with other people? Would the elders of the Church of the middle ages who established the sexual norms of the church, consider it to be sinful?

Back to the original question.  Is kissing in itself cheating? If you lust after the individual then depending on your interpretation of church doctrine, maybe.

Would you  want your Husband’s or Wife’s lips on someone else?

On the other hand, if you work out a deal then it’s up to the two of you.

If you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend then yes. Simple answer for a simple question.

The majority of people agree that,  If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and the person they are kissing is not them or family, then yes. Unless you’re kissing the girl your dating, IT’S CHEATING!

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