Ski Bunny

Ski Resort Cheating. Snow Bunny. Ski Bunny

Ski Resort Cheating. Snow Bunny. Ski Bunny

What is a Ski Bunny? Ski Bunny: (noun) – Female Skier. a fun-loving, attractive, sexy, female ski enthusiast.

Is your Significant other going Skiing? Did you know that Escort services cater to a select few Ski Resorts? Ski Bunnies and Snow Bunnies are on call to add the marsh mellows to your Hot Cocoa.

There are also Male Ski Instructors on call, that will wax your ski’s at all hours of the night.

These men and women are most definitely a fun-loving group. They are attractive, sexy, not committed and very discreet . Ski Resort Escorts are very enthusiastic and eager to be invited by you on your next ski holiday and they are ready to meet you at the ski resort.

Your significant other fantasizes about the pleasure of being in a romantic ski resort with a stunning new girl-friend or guy-friend by their side, there day and night only for them!


We have captured Escorts in action, preying on your significant other. The escorts will be there to ski, dine, relax and party with them. Acting as devoted companions, ski-partners and loving girl/guy-friends throughout their entire time together.

Your Significant other may be planning their best-ever getaway ski holiday.

Did you know that the cheating expert’s at Eye Spy have Snow Bunny and Ski Bunny Decoys? All matters are confidential. No one will know, unless you tell them.

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