Is Someone Trying To Ruin your Reputation?

Is Someone Trying To Ruin your Reputation?

Eye Spy Detective Agency

Is Someone Trying To Ruin your Reputation and name?  What happens when someone is actively out to destroy your name?

Whether you are an A-list movie star or a regular Joe, we can help. You don’t have to be a celebrity to relate to these circumstances.

Our clients have included Rock and roll legends, billionaires, Public figures, Movie/TV Stars, to big name rap artists, elite athletes and Fortune 500 CEOs.

All cases are different and unique. Most range from surveillance, supporting divorce attorneys, asset searches, cheating spouse investigations, bug sweeps and background checks. Across every service that we offer, we’ve probably assisted a celebrity name that you know. However, their secrets are safe with us.


Celebrities know what they are in for. They have signed up to be the center of attention in the spotlight.Celebrities hire experts to keep part of their lives hidden. When something does surface, they hire people to do damage control.

When a star has something leaked without their knowledge, it can be devastating. Imagine how you would feel if something like this happened to you.

You do not have to be an International celebrity to relate to this. If someone has a grudge on you, whether it’s an ex, crazy stalker, former employee, if personal information gets into the wrong hands, your personal and professional life could be ruined. What if someone discovered rated R photos of you and sent them to your boss and co-worker. It would be devastating and you could lose your job.


If someone is sharing pictures of you or spreading/leaking rumors about you, you can call the police. However, unless a crime is committed, the police can’t help you. What can you do? Call a Michigan Private Investigator at Eye Spy Detective Agency.

We have seen a ton of these cases, and we know how important your reputation is to you both personally and professionally. You don’t want the skeletons in your closet, or the lies told about you to spread any further. In a case like this, we will analyze your situation and find a way out.

Why would someone want to try to ruin your reputation? Some people are just nosy, while others are just plain obsessed.

Changes are your stalker has you under surveillance. He or she may be parked outside your home or office. They may be documenting your every move. They may have even bugged or tapped your home phone, cell phone and/or vehicle. This service is called a “Bug Sweep”.


To ensure that your conversations stay private, we can perform a full bug sweep on your home, car or office. We will look for any audio/video bugs, microphones, transmitters, spy gadgets and cameras.

If someone is spying on you or listening to your private conversations, we can help. We will remove the bug to provide evidence of the crime, document it and turn it over to the authorities.

If you think that you are being watched, we can conduct counter-surveillanceto identify the perpetrators.

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