How To Catch A Cheater

How To Catch A Cheater

How do I catch my spouse cheating??

How to catch a cheater

How to catchHow-To-Catch a cheater. Many cheaters will show signs of guilt when cheating on you. They may try to accuse you of cheating is the biggest one to look out for. Sometimes they will shower you in gifts to take away the attention that they haven’t been home lately. They can be overly nice to you, let you do whatever they want as if they don’t care anymore. They can get very defensive over their phones, they may tell you they’re working late or they have to travel for work. Traveling for work and being away from you for a couple of days gives them plenty of time to cheat.


You want to get proof that your spouse is cheating. You may not want to see whats going on between your spouse and someone else but a lot of times it helps in court with a divorce. It can help with custody of your children and alimony. If you need a witness to come into court, you can have a private investigator show up that worked on your case. We give you the full proof of videos and photos of your spouse cheating.

What to do

At Eye Spy we tail around your spouse getting any proof possible that they’re cheating. Whether it be at work, at the bar, or out of state. As licensed PI’s we can attach a GPS to anyone’s car and figure out where it is that they’re going. Usually when someones cheating they have a place to meet someone up or they will say they’re going one place but then go to the other. During work they will go out to a restaurant or to the movies. It’s very rare that they’re going to those places alone so chances are they are possibly with someone they shouldn’t be with. And what better way to find that out than putting a GPS on their car and having a private investigator follow them around to see what it is that they’re doing.

Everything that we do at Eye Spy is 100% legal and 100% confidential. We have been in business for 25 years and work on cases like these everyday. Any questions you may have please call 586-285-5000.

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