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If There’s A Will There’s A Way

If There’s A Will There’s A Way

If There’s A Will There’s A Way.

Fake hotel Wi-fi

Fake hotel Wi-fi

They say if there’s a will there’s a way. Have you had a recent family member pass away such as your mom or dad? Maybe someone in your family received a large amount of money and you’re a little suspicious.

Believe it or not!

Here at Eye Spy we see a lot of people come in because their family has turned against them and count them out of a will that has their name on it. Your siblings all of the sudden can afford expensive things, new cars, jewelry, a bigger home, etc. A lot of times there are signs that they may have inherited money, money that was supposed to be yours as well. It could be multiple people in your family that are in on this against you. Maybe once you start to question it they stop coming around. They stop answering your calls. Stop responding to family event invitations. You may want to suspect something’s going on.

Life Insurance

Maybe you’re suspicious about someone you’re dating put a life insurance policy on you. We see many people that come in here and get checked if they have one or not on them. You never really know who you’re dating. Sometimes all people care about is money and will go to certain extents to get that money.


Do you want answers to the questions you’ve been asking yourself? Does someone have an insurance policy on you? Is there something your siblings are hiding from you after a recent passing of another sibling? If you need to find out it is very important that you hire us today. We can find out if someone has an insurance policy on you or if your name is on someones will that has passed whether it’s recent or from years ago. Everything is confidential 100%. We have been in business for 25 years and see cases like this every day.

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