Locate Your Runaway

Locate Your Runaway

Locate your runaway

Locate your child that ran away from home

Do you need to locate someone, possibly your child or someone you know who ran away from home?

1.6-2.8 million children run away each year from home. They begin at ages as low as 10 years old.

Runaways/thrownaways are children on the streets with no responsible caretaker. They often do not have a home to go back to. They are more likely to be victims of abduction, physical & sexual abuse, and sex trafficking.

It is estimated that many young people, especially girls, begin engaging in survival sex within 48 hours of leaving home. Intercourse for food and a place to stay can quickly escalate into formalized prostitution. A lot of sex trafficking that goes on is from kidnapping of runaways. This is why parents need to contact their local police the moment they realize their child has runaway.

they feel like they have to escape maybe to avoid something bad from happening or to avoid being caught for not obeying the rules.

Signs To Look Out For

You may notice your child starting to pick fights, break the rules, their grades or dropping, mood swings, or they become more interested in sexual activity at such a young age. They may be doing drugs, or using alcohol, and trying tobacco. A lot of runaways will act out before hand. Some test it to see how far they can get or they want to see a reaction if their parent cares or not.

How To Prevent Runaways

Try to listen to your child when they’re speaking,  and empathize with their point of view and the struggles they’re going through. Don’t ignore them or yell at them or make them feel like a burden. Give your child choices, not orders, to help teach them responsibility and problem solving skills. Help them understand the rules and that it’s worth following them, they will realize and soon you will see improvement in their behavior.

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