Signs I’m Being Stalked

Signs I’m Being Stalked

Signs I’m being stalked!

Signs I’m being stalked by someone.

There are plenty of signs I’m being stalked. Anyone can be stalked. It could be by someone you know or a complete stranger. Maybe you bumped into them at the store or in a restaurant. People will even go to the extent of stalking someone to obtain private information about the victim to use against them as black mail.

Warning signs

  • Unwanted contact with someone new. Constant phone calls, text messages, emails, from this person can be a sign. If you aren’t answering them they may tend to get angry and continue to harass you through social media.
  • They an be extremely clingy. Constant invites to events, always questioning where it is you’re going. Maybe you lie to them to get away from them and they find out, they can get very very angry.
  • Sometimes if it’s someone you just met they tend to step over a boundary line and get a little too personal with you.


Don’t let anyone tell you that you did this to yourself if you are a victim of stalking. Stalking is a crime and anyone who is a stalker has a mental problem with them. There is something in their head that isn’t right. Most people will try to tell you that it’s your own fault and you lead them on to do this. This is not true. It is very important that you tell someone what is going on if you are a victim. You can be firm with someone that they need to stop and they are taking things too far but they will not listen. They tend to get an annoyance and this can anger them. Stalkers can get very viscous and abusive. They want to get off on the control they have over your life and when you don’t give it to them it can often cause them to hurt you over frustration of you fighting back and not letting them into your life.

Now what!?

When you’re a victim of stalking you feel that there is no way out and you’re at a dead end. At Eye Spy we have helped clients in the past who were victims of stalking. We are equipped with bug sweeping houses, offices, cars, phones, etc. Surveillance is always an option as well to have a private investigator follow you around to capture proof that someone unwanted is following you from place to place. We have been in business for 25 years and see cases like this all the time. For more information please call 586-285-5000 and get the help you need.stalkerlady

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