Hand That Rocks The Cradle

Hand That Rocks The Cradle

Hand That Rocks The Cradle

Who’s Hand Really Rocks The Cradle?

Have you heard the saying ‘the hand that rocks the cradle’? As a mother you would do anything for your child. Being divorced or not together with your ex baby daddy can make you worry worse than you already do. You don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors or who they’re bringing your child around.

Cases like these can go from Surveillance, to GPS tracking, to any kind of background check on someone.

You don’t want to be dropping off your child at your exes house with someone you know nothing about. Maybe they’re dating someone new, your ex still hasn’t introduced you yet and here you are handing over the most important thing in your life.

Maybe you heard something bout the girl your ex is hanging around and it’s not too good. I always say talk to the source yourself if you want an answer, although sometimes that isn’t the case. That’s where a background check comes into play. Background check is just a general term for many different things you can do. Criminal background check is the most popular one we do. Plenty of people hire us for a background check on someone new around their kids. It’s a very common thing and safe thing to do.

Surveillance is always a good idea to do if your ex has supervised visits. They’re not following the rules and you need proof for the courts. No problem! We follow your ex and get video and photo proof that they’re not with their child and who your child is with. We can attach a GPS to their car and see where they’re going at all times.

The same goes for you fathers. Either parent can be in this situation of not knowing the person their child is around. Someone staying the night isn’t just staying the night with your ex but your child as well. Maybe your ex has supervised visits but is disobeying the courts orders.

You may not know the hand that rocks the cradle when you’re away. But you can get the answers you deserve by hiring a private investigatorHand rocks cradle today.

We have been in business for 25 years and work on cases every day. We get the answers you need and deserve. We have helped many families and can help yours. Everything is 100% confidential. Call us today 586-285-5000 to speak with a private investigator or if you may have any questions.

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