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Who’s My Stalker?

Dealing with a stalker?

A lot of people have problems with stalkers now that there is all sorts of new technology and social media.

At Eye Spy we follow you around to follow your stalker and get proof that they are doing what they shouldn’t be doing. If you truly believe someone is stalking you it’s very smart to get a background check on who you’re dealing with. You can make reports to the police as many times as possible but by law they cannot physically do much about it until something is done to you unfortunately.

We get video and photo proof of anything going on around you. We stake out at night and watch for anybody around your house, vandalizing your car or house, watching you through your windows, anything suspicious that could be a threat to you we get proof of.

A lot of stalkers have mental problems and be extremely dangerous. It’s important to get help to prevent the situation from getting worse. Peoples lives have been taken away because of how dangerous stalkers can be. It can be very dangerous trying to get proof on your own in case you are caught by your stalker, and how they will react.

Mix up

Sometimes there’s a bit of a mix up.

Let’s say you believe you are being cheated on. People think it’s okay to follow someone around to try and get their own proof but you can get in trouble for stalking whether you mean to do it or not.

This is why it’s smart to hire someone that is licensed to do all of this stuff. It can be very dangerous for you and get you into a lot of trouble.

We have been in business for 25 years and deal with cases like this every day.
Everything is 100% confidential and comes with a written report.

If you have any questions or concerns please call 586-285-5000.

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