Spring Fling

Spring Fling

Spring Flings

Spring is here! It’s time for something new and exciting. With online dating, it’s easier than ever to line up some spring flings this month.Spring

Today we are going to approach this from another angle. We will give you a behind the scenes look at how cheaters get away with it.

The rule is, be smart and you won’t get caught. Here are some tips on how to clean up your dating profile and attract fellow cheaters.

Use a Cheating Site

If you’re looking for an affair partner on anything other than a cheating site, you need to stop. With the popularity of online dating, using a regular dating site will get you caught. Try a dating site like Sweet Discreet. With that said, even on cheating sites you need to be careful with what information and photos you share with the public.

Keep Your Face Shots Under Lock and Key

Try not to show your full face in any public photos. Many cheating websites have an option to keep specific photos or albums private. You can share them with the lucky few of your choosing. That’s where you should put photos of your face or ones that give away your identity like photos of your tattoos.

Be Brief and Engaging

No one wants to read your life story. Keep your dating profile short and sweet. Be brief and be engaging. When you reach out to potential affair partners, ask them about themselves and their interests.

The Best Partner Is The Most Discreet Partner

In a dream world, all our first picks also know how to keep their mouths shut but that is not always true. Chances are if they’re talking about past cheaters they’ve been with, they’ll talk about you too. That’s why I always say the best partner is the most discreet partner.

These ideas will help you understand how a cheater will get away with it.

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