Men Have Flings

Men Have Flings

Men Have Flings

Why Men Have Flings

MenThey might not be getting the attention they like to get at home. But no matter what, cheating is wrong and it not the right way to fix things. If you are having problems with your partner then talk it out; if that person doesn’t want to be in a committed relationship then they should just tell the person, instead going behind their back. Cheating can really destroy a person’s ability to trust or love again. They will always think that person will do them wrong, just like the last one did. Men aren’t the only ones who commit adultery, woman cheat as well.

Do you think that “true love” really exists and comes instinctually to us humans — or do you think it’s just a cultural construct? Do you think monogamy is natural or, rather, that social norms (and Hollywood happy endings) help keep us brainwashed into thinking it is? Would we all be a lot more at peace with our lives if “free love” or polyamory were considered normal instead of aberrant?


Why do many middle-aged men risk it all for flings with younger women very interesting.

Is it possible that the  role of testosterone (T) deserves more attention when it comes to the question of middle-aged men’s eroticism? In their twenties, men’s T levels begin a long decline, often experienced as diminished passion. One of the few things that can reliably revive sagging testosterone is exposure to a new woman; even a brief chat with an attractive female can raise men’s testosterone levels by 14 percent, as one study found. In Sex at Dawn, we suggest that many men may be confusing the hormonal rush they feel after being with a new lover with actual “love,” leading to foolish decisions that damage their families, their marriages, and eventually themselves.


Why is long-term fidelity so difficult for many people, men and women alike? And why does sexual passion fade for a couple, even as their love deepens?

Several factors conspire to make long-term sexual monogamy difficult for people. We evolved to be sexually responsive to novelty. In hunter-gatherer societies, our ancestors were genetically predisposed to be attracted to new and unusual partners because that helped them to avoid incest and to have offspring with greater genetic variety — which helped them to become more fit to survive.


Another problem is that many people in the West marry because they’re “in love,” which is a temporary, possibly delusional state we should not expect to last forever. As the German poet Goethe put it: “Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing. A confusion of the real with the ideal never goes unpunished.”

The intense infatuation that makes us want to spend all our time together only exists until we really do spend all our time together. Then, like any hunger satisfied, it gradually dissipates. While married life can be deeply satisfying and uniquely meaningful, it cannot sustain the passion of those first months or years. Many American couples have unrealistic expectations about the longevity of this initial phase and consider its passing a sign of a failed relationship, which is unfair, unrealistic, and unfortunate.

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