3 Times Captain America’s Civil War could have been Avoided

3 Times Captain America’s Civil War could have been Avoided

Captain America: Civil War

Captain America Civil War

Last weekend, Captain America: Civil War opened in theaters across the United States. Critics and fans alike are praising the latest installment into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Rotten Tomatoes gives the movie a certified fresh rating, with a critic score of 90% and an audience score of 92%. While the response has been mostly positive (I absolutely loved the movie personally), I can’t help but feel the Civil War itself could have been avoided. Here are 3 Times Captain America’s Civil War could have been Avoided. Obviously, there are spoilers ahead. So if you haven’t seen the movie, you’ve been warned!

3 Times Captain America’s Civil War could have been Avoided:

1. Finding Bucky

Captain America and Falcon have been on the search for Bucky (the Winter Soldier) since the conclusion of the second Captain America movie. The two have run into dead end after dead end, and ultimately, had no luck in tracking down their missing person. One of the major splits between Captain America and Iron Man in Civil War is that Captain America wants to bring Bucky in to give him a chance to prove he is not responsible for bombing the UN and to show that he was brainwashed as his time acting as an assassin. Iron Man is under order of the Sokovia Accords to bring Bucky in and to bring in anyone who helps him. How could all of this been avoided? Had Cap been able to find Bucky before the Lagos mission, Bucky would have been out of the equation in this conflict, making it less severe. What could they have done to find him sooner? Hire a PI. Private Investigators are experienced in hunting down missing persons. Plus, a PI could work on the case while Captain America is off Avenging.

2. Employment Background Checks and Surveillance

Zemo was able to steal the identity of the doctor responsible for the psych evaluation done to Bucky once he was captured. A high tech facility with such a high profile case seemed to have pretty lax security to allow this to happen. Was there even a background check done? Shouldn’t the doctor have had surveillance on him to ensure he was who he said he was and to ensure his safety?

3. GPS Tracking

On the other hand, Team Iron Man had a chance to stop the conflict from escalating had they had the foresight to stick a GPS tracker into Falcon’s wings once they were confiscated. Granted, the team did not expect him to get his wings back, but it still seems like a reasonable measure to take considering how often the characters in these movies are able to escape imprisonment and steal their gear from government facilities. Falcon’s first pack was stolen from a government building in the second Captain America Movie for Pete’s sake!

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