Cheaters Never Win

Cheaters Never Win

Is your significant other playing games?

Cheaters never win. Do you get the feeling that your significant other is keeping things from you? Is your spouse keeping strange hours and being defensive? What should you do when you think you are being cheated on?

Cheaters never win

Find Proof

It’s natural to not want to see what’s going on between your spouse and someone else, but proof of infidelity can help your case while filing for divorce or fighting for custody of your children. What kind of proof can you bring to a court of law? A Private investigator is the perfect witness. Private investigators are licensed to obtain video or photo evidence that can prove to be crucial in the court room.

How can we help you?

Here at Eye Spy, we are licensed to tail your spouse and gather any proof possible that they’re cheating. We can track them at work, at the bar, or even out of state. As licensed PI’s, we can attach a GPS to anyone’s car and figure out where they are going.

Usually when someone is cheating, they have a meeting place. They will tell you they are going one place but then go to another. During work, they will go out to a restaurant or to the movies. Chances are that they’re going to those places alone. What better way is there to find out than putting a GPS on their car and having a private investigator follow them?

Everything that we do at Eye Spy is 100% legal and 100% confidential. We have been in business for 25 years and work on cases like these everyday. For any questions you may have please call 586-285-5000 or visit our website. Get closure and get legal evidence of an affair. Cheaters never win.


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