Kids on Heroin

Kids on Heroin

Kids on Heroin
Kids on Heroin


There is help for parents with kids on heroin or other drugs.  It’s hard to imagine – heroin, in your house. Your child, addicted to this powerful and dangerous drug. For numerous families across America, the problem is very real and the stakes are very high. Heroin is prevalent throughout our Nation, wreaking havoc with the lives of teens and young adults and bewildering their heartbroken parents.

Heroin is easily available, relatively inexpensive and so highly addictive that what often begins as teenage experimentation quickly escalates to full-blown addiction. While the word heroin still conjures up images of strung out junkies loitering on street corners in urban neighborhoods, those stereotypes no longer apply. The most common substances kids use are marijuana and alcohol, but the new heroin users are predominantly young, white and suburban. For parents, learning that their son or daughter is using heroin is a lifechanging moment. However they learn of it, the realization hits like an emotional tsunami – overwhelming and devastating.

How does it feel to take heroin?

Heroin produces a “rush” of euphoria and a warm, drowsy, contented feeling. Users may have constricted pupils and want to sleep a lot.Tolerance to heroin builds quickly and more and more is required to get the same effect. It is extremely addictive. Heroin withdrawal is characterized by nausea, aches, chills, sweats, tremors and muscle spasms.

Common Mistakes Parents Make Perhaps surprisingly, some parents actually enable their child’s substance abuse. Giving your child money, letting them skip school, covering for them, lying to police to protect them from prosecution – these are some of the ways that well-meaning parents enable the child’s addiction. The stigma of heroin addiction and treatment is so great that I have even seen parents who permitted their teen to use at home or have driven them to get drugs, so that their child doesn’t have to face the ordeal of withdrawal. If their child is stealing from them, that child has an addiction which has progressed significantly. At that point, you need help. That child is far gone, deeply involved in substance abuse. Parents are reluctant to press charges against their own child, but this is an opportunity to get the legal system involved and get help.

Red Flags for Kids on Heroin:

Recognizing the Warning Signs One of the first signs of substance abuse in young people is a deterioration in school performance. There may be a change in personality as well – a previously engaged and happy child becoming withdrawn, irritable or angry, for example. Changes in sleeping habits are common. Excess sleeping, drowsiness or a lot of napping are definitely red flags, even though many teens normally sleep a lot. You have to know your own child and pay attention to changes. Be involved. You can be involved in your child’s school and social life without being intrusive. Drive them to their friend’s homes and pick them up; talk with their friend’s parents. Know who your kid’s friends are; a change in friends is a huge red flag. Watch for things like constantly leaving school early or not attending regularly. Kids on heroin with a heroin addiction often get high before school and can’t stand to be in class.

Key points to watch for are such behaviors as nodding off, falling asleep often, having pinpoint pupils, dark eye circles and rapid weight loss. Heroin is an appetite suppressant and girls who use it commonly do so to avoid weight gain.

Giving your child money, letting them skip school, covering for them, lying to police to protect them from prosecution – these are some of the ways that wellmeaning parents enable the child’s addiction.

You are not powerless

Although they may feel overwhelmed and uncertain, parents are not helpless and their actions can go a long way in supporting their child’s recovery. Take away their driving privileges. If your child is getting high, he or she should not be driving. Many parents will still let them drive and this is dangerous. They WILL drive high. Plus, a car gives them the means to go to get drugs. If your child has a car or is still driving yours, pay attention to the car’s mileage; kids will go far to get drugs, to the hubs where there is a lot of drug activity.

Many times a child will find a way to take your vehicle. We can help you.

How we can help

The Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency can help you track your child. We work directly with local law enforcement as well as respected Doctors and therapists. We have been very successful in locating where the main source of drugs are coming from. Working with families and law enforcement, we have helped 1000’s of parents get their kids and loved ones off of drugs. All of this is possible without the stigma or criminal record. Best of all, it’s completely confidential.

Call the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency at 888-393-7799 or visit us at 

****All calls and cases are 100% confidential.


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