Child Custody Private Investigator

Child Custody Private Investigator

Child Custody Private Investigator

Child Custody Private Investigator

No one wants to believe that their child is in danger, especially from people who are supposed to care for them. But as incomprehensible as it may seem, there are parents and caregivers who are capable of harming a child.

A Michigan Child Custody Eye Spy Detective Agency Private Investigator can get you the evidence that you need.

Hire a qualified Child Custody Investigators

• Safety: The horrible truth is that children are more likely to be physically, sexually, or emotionally abused or neglected by the people who are closest to them. A private investigator can discreetly expose or assuage any suspicions that a child may be in danger from their loved ones or caretakers.

• Accused of abuse: Especially in divorce cases, emotions run wild, and sometimes so do the accusations. A parent may need a private investigator to prove that he or she is conducting themselves properly with their child.

• Exposure to abuse: Even if a child is not the direct victim of abuse or neglect, they can still suffer greatly if they witness such abuse, especially if the abused person is their loved one or guardian. An investigator can bring such evidence to light, and provide a concrete way of protecting the child.

• Custody issues: Sometimes a parent is looking for a way to gain custody or visitation with their child. A private investigator can gather evidence that can help a parent achieve that goal.

• Child support: Neglect comes in a variety of forms. Often a parent will neglect their financial responsibilities to their child, or find a way to ignore their responsibilities. A private investigator can provide background checks, financial information, and surveillance to give evidence of the capacity of a parent to provide for their child.

Hiring a Child Custody Detroit Michigan Private Investigator

When deciding to hire a Detroit Michigan private investigator, it’s important to know that they can perform adequately, plus be a credible witness if required to testify in court. The following are qualifications necessary for a private investigator.

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