Greedy Cosmetic Surgeons

Greedy Cosmetic Surgeons

Greedy Cosmetic Surgeons

Greedy Cosmetic Surgeons

Women wanting cosmetic surgery are more at risk than ever from Greedy cosmetic surgeons and doctors with supermarket style offers.

Is the syringe half full or half empty?

Every day the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency are contacted regarding Greedy and crooked Cosmetic Surgeons. Time and time again we hear of Doctors who over-dilute the Botox and only fill up the syringes half way. This just shows how little people know about Botox and how unscrupulous doctors take advantage of them. Don’t fool yourselves, just because someone is an MD, it doesn’t mean they are ethical. There are several doctors who have served sentences and it wasn’t because of their ethics.

Lack of regulation and easy access to credit have expanded the market, but the potential harm to patients is also increasing.

Greedy Cosmetic Surgeons

Here is a list of common complaints:

-Diluted Botox

-Outdated Filler or Botox

-Syringe of filler is only half full

-Electrolysis/facial Laser machine that was turned on low during the session. Causing the patient to have to spend more $$$ to have more treatments.

-Impostor Doctor (cosmetic surgeon acting as a plastic surgeon)

**Every injector dilutes Botox and Dysport. It comes as a dry powder so sterile water has to be added to make it into a form that can be injected. If you purchased it cheap, say under $10 a unit then it’s probably diluted too much.



Want to know what is the biggest scam in plastic surgery? It is that a “cosmetic surgeon” is the same as a plastic surgeon. The truth is that a “cosmetic surgeon” is any doctor who has chosen to perform cosmetic surgery. This says nothing about their particular training or what their residency was. They may be general surgeons, obstetricians, or gynecologists. In fact, many “cosmetic surgeons” are not even surgeons at all. There are opthamologists, cardiologists, internists, and radiologists advertising themselves as “cosmetic surgeons” who are performing breast augmentations, tummy tucks, and liposuction. Some would argue that is the patients’ fault for allowing these doctors to perform surgical procedures that are outside the scope of medical training.

What you need to look for is a “Board Certified Plastic Surgeon”. Nothing else should be acceptable to you. Doctors need to be held responsible and fully disclose their past training. If someone trained in plastic surgery, it will be front and center on their website. If there is no clear indication of what their residency was in, then they are likely hiding something. There are no accidental omissions or “honest mistakes” when it comes to website design. “Cosmetic Surgeons” should be forthcoming about their training, and this will allow potential patients to decide if they are the right doctor.

What you should look for and ask of your potential surgeon to ensure you are receiving the best care possible:

A lot of people that are entering the field that are not trained. They’re cosmetic surgeons. They may be dentists. They may be general surgeons, and I’m not making any of this up sadly enough, but they’re entering the field based upon one thing. It’s called greed. Plastic surgeons charge a lot of money because most of what they do is NOT covered by insurance. They’re not getting the insurance reimbursement they used to. They’re facing declining reimbursement across the field, so they see breast augmentation in the aesthetic marketplace as an entry to a more lucrative practice pattern. So we’re seeing a number of patients that are receiving suboptimal results from these physicians that really shouldn’t be doing these procedures in the first place.

Consumers need to ask the right questions. Consumers need to ask the physician, “What is your background in training?” That’s a number one question. “Are you a plastic surgeon?” Okay. If they say they’re a cosmetic surgeon, that should be a big red flag. If they’re a cosmetic surgeon, which is not an ABMS certified medical specialty, they need to then ask them, “How many have you done? Can I talk to your patients? What is your most common complication? How many complications do you get?” They really need to grill that physician.

Most patients are referred by word of mouth.  Every physician should go through this amount of scrutiny before performing surgery on any patient.

Do you feel that you have been ripped off by a greedy cosmetic surgeon? The Michigan private investigators at Eye Spy detective Agency can help!

If you want to hire a Michigan private investigator or a Michigan private detective, please call our investigations office at (888) 393-7799, 24 hours/7 days. We provide private investigator services throughout the entire State of Michigan, and nationwide. We are licensed as Michigan private investigators by the State of Michigan and will solve your case as quickly as possible.

All cases are confidential.

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