The Rejected Stalker

The Rejected Stalker
The Rejected Stalker

Have you ever gotten out of an unhealthy relationship and your ex seems to be tracking or following you. There’s a very small chance of some people suffering from deep dark depression after the relationship has ended. Which could be very dangerous for the other person. Why? Some people don’t take rejection so easily, especially if they were the ones who got dumped.

Some people may get too over dramatic about the break up and tend to get a little crazy afterwords. Which could lead to the result of them stalking you. Especially if they believe in their head that your relationship / conversation isn’t over just yet. During the thinking process of the grieving ex, they’ll toss and turn about going to your home or work and confronting you yet again. By the time they get done thinking about it, they’ll already be at your home or work.

There is also a chance that they could be suffering from mental illness. Although stalking another person is still very wrong, sometimes they’ll get in way over their head and will do something they know that is wrong. But that doesn’t mean they wont do it anyways. Which is why you should never approach them if you notice them. Your best option is to go indoors or call the police.

The Rejected Stalker: Eye Spy can help to keep you safe!

Although sometimes police may not be able to do anything because they need proof that the subject is in deed stalking you, there is one other option for you. Hiring Eye Spy Investigations. Eye Spy has many ways to catch another person in the act of stalking another person. In situations like these, our private investigators will conduct a stakeout at your home or work and wait for the suspect to arrive. Then they can get actual proof that he or she is stalking you. They will sit and watch them for a period of time and and get multiple pictures. During our investigation, we will show that he or she is sitting and watching you for a period of time. We can also attach a GPS device to their vehicle. The GPS device will alert the private Investigation if this person is within a 1 mile radius of your home or office.

After the surveillance is done, you will be able to turn it into the police and take care of it. If you have any questions involving this type of case, go online to and talk to a real private investigator. Or call us on our 24 hour hotline at (888) 393 – 7799.

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