Child Neglect: Drinking And Driving With Children In The Car

Child Neglect: Drinking And Driving With Children In The Car

Child Neglect or Child Abuse Investigation

Child Neglect or Child Abuse Investigation

Drinking And Driving With Children In The Car is Child Neglect. Drinking and driving is a choice, so if you make the decision to get behind the wheel after drinking and crash your vehicle, it’s entirely on you to accept the consequences.

But what if you have innocent children along for the ride? They didn’t make the choice to get into the car with someone who is drinking.  Consequently, thousands of parents across the United States are drinking and driving with children in the car. A drinking and driving charge could mean losing custody of your children. Eye Spy can help you prove your case.

Child Neglect or Child Abuse Investigation:

One of the most horrifying is child abuse or child neglect. It combines violence, violation of innocence, perversion, and emotional abuse in the most evil and disturbing way. You can never do enough to protect a child from corruption and predators.

Proving child abuse or neglect requires proof which can be obtained using surveillance to help your child custody case.

Eye Spy Detective Agency is the top private investigation firm in the USA. Unfit parents have a negative impact on their children’s lives. Furthermore, they somehow manage to fool the justice system.  Eye Spy can provide you with the evidence to prove that they are unfit. During our investigation we will summarize their actions within the house and outside the house.

Eye Spy will provide a real picture in the courtroom. Our results are far beyond the details that police or even CPS can uncover. Hiring an attorney can be expense. As a result, Eye Spy has the lowest prices in Michigan. We have been in business for over 28 years. As a result, Eye Spy has developed techniques to solve your case quickly and confidentially. This is all we do, and we love it!

Our goal is to save the children from the misery of neglect and abuse.  No child should ever have to endure this. Children need positive role-models. Unfortunately far too many children are raised without anyone to support their well being. Eye Spy Detective Agency is able to provide these children the voice, even in court, that they otherwise would never have. Most of all, your child’s safety is a top priority. Rather then sitting back and hoping for the best, call Eye Spy.

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