Does Cheating On Vacation Count?

Does Cheating On Vacation Count?

Does Cheating On Vacation Count?
Does Cheating On Vacation Count?

Does Cheating On Vacation Count? One of the major selling points of a vacation destination is sex. Las Vegas’s promise of total secrecy about everything that happens is alluring. However, Las Vegas has more cameras per square inch than any other city. This includes military complexes and high-security prisons, anywhere in the world. Then there’s the Caribbean islands’ promise of bikini-clad hard bodies around every corner. It would seem that sex is an expectation we should have anywhere we go outside of maybe Disney World.

Does Cheating On Vacation Count? What counts as cheating?

If any of your exposed sexual organs come into contact with any body part of a member of the opposite sex, or vice versa, you’re cheating. Of course, these days you could probably take “opposite sex” out of that definition, since your wife is as likely, or maybe even more likely, to hook up with a woman on vacation than a man. A vacation is about new experiences, right?

Have you and your partner haven’t laid out specific ground rules? If not, maybe that leaves some wiggle and giggle room on vacation. In the absence of a clearly agreed-upon definition of cheating, you might be able to get past the incident of mutual groping and kissing on the beach or maybe even the happy ending from the hooker in your car on Hollywood Boulevard (although that didn’t exactly work out for Hugh Grant).

Have You Been Given a “Hall Pass”?

You’re preparing to go on vacation, your wife kisses you, winks, and says “Have fun, but don’t bring anything back with you.” Okay, maybe she’s saying she doesn’t want anything from the gift shop, but a guy would be perfectly justified in thinking she had just told him to go and live like Caligula for a week as long as he keeps a condom on and gets a penicillin shot in the airport clinic.

Why would a spouse do something like that? Probably because they’ve got the local college swim team lined up for a gang bang the minute your plane hits the runway. With that thought in mind, no, it’s probably not cheating if you have sex on vacation when you have been given a hall pass.

Is Anyone Going to Find Out?

If you somehow manage to pull it off and and keep it a complete secret from your spouse, fiancé, or life partner, is it cheating? What would your partner say if they found out? You’re on a slippery slope.

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A vacation is a great time to get away, but does that include getting away from your long-term relationship? Before you go enjoying all of the local flavor, you might just want to take a look at the details of your own relationship to make sure that you’re not cheating.

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