Secret Email Address

Secret Email Address

Secret Email Address

Does your Spouse or significant other have a secret email address? Have you noticed that they are getting emails from various online sex and dating sites? Are they always playing with their phone? Do they delete the history on their phone and/or computer?

Many people use a secondary email account when registering for casual activities such as hobbies and interests, with a primary email account used for more important tasks such as online banking and online shopping.

However, One in five men have a secret email account they use to hide correspondence from their partner. How sneaky!!

Here are some facts:

  • Two thirds of all men choose not to share their passwords with their other half
  •  23 % admitted to being secretive about what was stored on their phone and PC
  • One in 20 buy a separate mobile phone for private activities

Think you know what your man is up to when he’s typing away on his computer? Think again.

According to a new survey, your partner could be a lot more secretive than meets the eye with one in five having a secret email account they use to hide correspondence from their partner. Researchers revealed millions of men keep an account they opened years ago to correspond with an ex-partner or somebody their other half doesn’t like.

Secret Email Address: Eye Spy can find out!

Others said they deliberately set up the account because they were having an affair, while keeping financial issues from their partner also emerged as a common reason. One in twenty men admitted buying a second mobile phone to ensure ultimate secrecy and 77 per cent of men said they regularly deleted text messages in case their wife or girlfriend went ‘snooping’ through their phone.

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