Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle

Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle


Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle
Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle

Here is the reality of hiring a company or person that uses an Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle.  Many companies will hire 18 year old’s to obtain evidence for your case. These Investigators are paid minimum wage and are usually not trained very well. These type of companies hire teenagers to obtain your evidence. After sitting in the car for 10hrs, these young adults decide to quit. Thus, you have companies offering Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle services. It’s simply inhumane to treat people like this.

Other companies will pretend that they will personally conduct surveillance, but they are really just a middle man. Very few companies offer domestic investigations. Domestic Investigations, such as following cheating spouses, are very tedious. It takes a lot of training to solve these types of cases, without getting caught.

Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle: Legal Issues

Did you know that evidence obtained by an Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle will not hold up in court? That’s right! If your case does go to court, someone will have to testify. The first question that the attorney will ask is, “Did you actually see this happen? Of course, the answer will be “No”, and there goes your case. You are better off flushing your money down the toilet.

Why would an Investigator offer Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle services? Usually because they are not licensed. If you ask them, they are licensed. If you ask the State, the answer is no. Did you decide to hire a shady fly by night company?  You might as well hold your breath.

Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle: Costing You More In The End

It seems like an offer too good to be true. But you know what they say about that. The Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency are trying to educate people. Once an Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle has been used in a case, it’s 50 times harder for us to solve your case. The reason being, usually a nosy neighbor has called the police on this strange vehicle. This has raised a red flag in the neighborhood, and of course the subject has been notified. Now the subject will change their routine and be on their best behavior.

Think about this, what happens when the sun sets? Well, the camera will be blurred out. This means that you will have zero evidence. Cameras have to be adjusted due to the light changes. Even if this unlicensed person sets their camera to auto, it will not matter. During the night, your camera must be set to night vision. If the Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle sits at a home all night, no one will be there to adjust the settings.

Very few licensed Private Investigators can actually afford a camera with night vision. This means after the sun sets, say goodbye to your possible evidence. When you hire a licensed private investigator, make sure that they have the tools to get the job done. As a result, an iPhone is not going to cut it.

Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle: The Reality

GPS devices:

Did you know that the GPS laws have changed in Michigan? ONLY a Licensed Private Investigator can legally attach or remove a GPS device. If you hire someone who is NOT licensed, there goes your evidence. Because the evidence was illegally obtained, it cannot be used in court. Also, you may go to jail. We see this time and time again. When you try to save a buck, it always, always backfires.

Stalking charges:

When the unlicensed person that you hired gets caught, which WILL happen, guess what? You are on the hook for stalking charges. Did they attach a GPS to the subject’s vehicle? Did they bug a person’s car or home? Then you are looking at a felony charge.

Remotely Monitored: You’ve Been Made. GAME OVER

Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle License Plate:

If a Police man/woman see a vehicle sitting for a long period of time,  they think it’s strange. The police patrol the streets and they know when something is out of place. When a nosy neighbor sees a police man/woman they will run out and report the vehicle. As a result, the police man/woman will then run the Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle License Plate. To give the neighbor piece of mind, they will let them know who this vehicle belongs. Your cover will be blown once they reveal the name.

Condo Associations:

Have you ever lived in a condo/ Have you ever been confronted by a condo association person? If you haven’t, then thank your lucky stars. Condo associations are fantastic for members of the community. For outsiders, they are a nightmare. If they see a suspicious unmanned vehicle parked for a short period of time, they WILL tow that vehicle. The reason being, they know which vehicles belong there and which ones are visiting. If you think that the police are bad, try dealing with a condo association.

Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle: Remotely Monitored

Remotely Monitored:

Simply put, they are not monitored. Don’t believe the hype and sales pitch.

Again, using an Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle is NOT a good idea. Don’t listen to the sales pitch. Trust someone who has solved cases for the past 28 years. It’s a waste of money!  If you need help with your case, call a licensed professional. Changes are, the price will be the same. You wouldn’t hire a hair stylist to fix your clogged toilet. So why would you hire an unlicensed hobbyist to solve your case? Rather than gambling with your hard earned money, hire a professional. The proof is in the pudding.

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