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Forensic Audio Service

Forensic Audio Service

Forensic Audio Service

Forensic Audio Service

Eye Spy Detective Agency has provided scientific analyses regarding audio, video technology and recorded evidence. Our staff has a wide range of technical expertise and experience.

Audio recordings are used often in private investigating, corporate quality auditing and police criminal covert operations, to name a few. Most noteworthy, when this audio evidence is used in court. The details from that recording need to be accurate and clear. This will help the jury to make their decisions fairly.

Audio recordings are not always of a high enough sound quality.  Therefore, it’s difficult or even impossible for the listener to be able to understand what is being said or who is saying it. Background noises,  other voices, technical issues and static noises can reduce the quality of original audio recordings.

We have state of the art equipment which allows us to reduce or in some cases completely eliminate any unnecessary noise interferences, in order to improve the quality of the recording. It is possible to enhance any form of audio material.  We can also recover audio evidence from damaged audio, video or dictaphone tapes. Our team of specially trained forensic investigators have the knowledge and vast experience in this field allowing us to work efficiently with all audio sources as well as having the capacity to deal with larger cases. Our investigations can reveal any signs of tampering. As a result, this tampering can affect the reliability of the evidence. In addition, all original recordings are preserved to prove the authenticity of our work and the recordings.

Many law enforcement agencies, attorneys, legal organizations and individuals have relied on Eye Spy. The experts at Eye Spy can enhance conversations and other sounds on important recordings. We use the latest digital enhancing and noise reduction filters.  Also, this will maximize the difference between the subject recording and the noise floor.

Many audio and video recordings have unwanted background noise. This is associated with poorly placed microphones, noise induced during recording, excessive background noise, and low volume speaking. Furthermore, this can be enhanced using simple equalization, however some require filters.

We extract, enhance, analyze and restore poorly recorded audio from all sources and formats such as tape, video footage, dictaphones, cell phones and other formats for use as evidence

Because Audio enhancement is the simple improvement in quality.  We accomplish this by using a range of technical procedures on the sound recording. This will reveal details that could otherwise be overlooked.


Forensic Audio Enhancement, Audio Authentication and Audio Cleaning Services

Eye Spy offers all voice analysis, forensic speaker comparison and audio verification services. Especially relevant, our audio clarification and forensic audio enhancement services are conducted in-house to minimize cost. Therefore, making it more cost effective for our clients. As a result, you will receive a fast turnaround time and total efficiency.  Furthermore, Eye Spy guarantees maximum security of our client’s case files.

Forensic Audio Service

Forensic audio is an intricate and highly specialized field. This calls for specialist audio lab engineers and technicians to have a high degree of expertise, experience and knowledge, in order to deal with the technical applications. Our team is highly skilled and dedicated to meet the demands of forensic audio.

Forensic Audio Service: Recording Equipment

Dictaphones, hidden microphones, smartphones, surveillance cameras and mobile phones.

These are used by people to record dialogue of third parties. Most sound operators are inexperienced.  As a result, we often find the recorded material is not useable. Most noteworthy, recordings are usually cloaked by interior or external sounds. Sounds such as horns, construction work, crowds etc. Through the use of specialised audio forensic equipment and our expertise, we can uncover evidence which cannot be heard by the human ear.

Forensic Audio Service: Audio Transcription

Using our professional tools, we can transcribe difficult recordings.

We can analyse all types of recordings on basically any format, through our specialist forensic services. Rather than wondering, call Eye Spy today!

Forensic Audio Service List:

Forensic Audio Enhancement
Audio Authentication
Video Enhancement
Video Authentication
Forensic Transcript
Clean Noise from Audio Recording
Voice Identification
Domestic Issues
Digital Audio Enhancement
Pocket Dial Enhancement
Voicemail Enhancement
Audio Tape Analysis
De-Noise Audio Restoration
Audio Video Forensic Analysis
Expert Witness Testimony
Forensic Audio Consultant
Micro Cassette Tape Restoration
Audio Tampering Edit Analysis

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