Is Lying Cheating: The Case Of The Little White Liar

Is Lying Cheating: The Case Of The Little White Liar

Is Lying Cheating

Is Lying Cheating

You have a feeling in your stomach that something isn’t right. Could they be cheating? That nagging feeling inside of you is your intuition. Your intuition will never steer you wrong. However, it doesn’t mean that they are cheating. Is Lying Cheating?

When a client contacts the cheating experts at Eye Spy Detective Agency, they pretty much know that something is going on. But, did you know that there is a 1% chance that they are not cheating? Everyday, the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy catch cheaters in the act. Before we begin a case, we look over everything and come up with a plan to meet your needs.

Even though the chances of your significant other not being a cheater are slim, it does happen. It’s always a pleasant surprise when the person that we are following, turns out to be a little white liar. In some cases we find out that the person may be a pathological liar, which is never good. In other cases, we catch them cheating on their diet or frequenting the animal shelter.

You see, there are 3 sides to each person. A public side, a private side and a secret side. There are things about you that no one knows, and they never will know. It may be something humiliating or too deeply personal to share. It could even be something silly. Maybe you secretly love clowns, but your Spouse is terrified of them. Or maybe, the real reason that you hate cheese, is simply because, it smells like feet.

Is Lying Cheating: Examples of Little White Lies

All of the cases that we do are 100% confidential. We would never reveal anyone’s identity, or the results of their case. Below are some of the things that we have caught people doing, that were not quite cheating:

  • Eating Donuts
  • Eating bread On a No Carb Diet
  • Gambling
  • Sneaking to See Their Kids, or Ex-Step Children
  • Getting Ice Cream on a No Sugar Diet
  • Working Out
  • Reading a Book In Their Car
  • Visiting the Animal Shelter
  • Window Shopping At The Car Dealership
  • Driving By Their Childhood Home
  • Going to The Bar and Drinking Excessively. Becoming An Alcoholic or Hiding an Addiction.
  • Working Overtime To Save Up And Buy Their Significant Other a Nice Gift
  • Conducting Their Own Surveillance On You.

Is this considered cheating? Is lying considered cheating? The answer is, Yes and No. The answer totally depends on what you consider cheating to be. Some people have no problem if their Spouse goes to a topless bar, while others would be irate. Remember, a GPS tracking device is a wonderful tool. However, surveillance is always a good idea as well. You want to make sure that they are not cheating with another person, while they are cheating on their diet.

Is Lying Cheating? Is Life Getting In The Way of Your Relationship?

How often do you nag your Spouse or significant other? Maybe they just need some time to themselves. Sometimes that Honey-Do list, is a little too much to deal with. Are you a recent empty nester? Have you or your significant other dealt with a major change in your life, or possibly a death? All of these things can create a lot of stress in your relationship. This type of stress can release itself in the strangest ways possible.

What we really want you to know, is that no one is going to judge you. Everything that you tell us will stay strictly confidential. No one will ever know that you hired us, unless of course, you tell them. Before you throw in the towel and/or file for divorce, get the facts. Without evidence to support your suspicions, will you ever find peace of mind? Will you look back and wonder if you made a mistake by leaving? The Michigan Private Investigators are proud that customers have been trusting us with their secrets for over 28 years. Our loyalty to you and your case is our number one priority.

Is Lying Cheating? What Should You Do Next?

If you suspect someone is cheating or you have a few questions, please do not hesitate to call us or go online. There, you can talk to one of our private investigators on our 24hr live chat. Call the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency today at (586) 285 – 5000. For more information visit our website at

They can run but they cant hide from Eye Spy.




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