Cohabitation Investigations

Cohabitation Investigations

Cohabitation Investigations

Cohabitation Investigations

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Cohabitation Investigations in the State of Michigan, Ohio and Florida:


Eye Spy Detective Agency Firm can provide you with proof of cohabitation when needed. Our method of approach can identify periods of time that people are living together, the complexity of the relationship, and other unknown facts which all combined are court admissible to assist the court in making its equitable distribution awards. Do they share assets such as cars, or property? Our Cohabitation Private Investigations Team can and will find you the truth.

For example: In a “no-fault” state it does not matter the reasons for a divorce, property and assets are split equally between the parties. However child custody, child support, and alimony may very well depend on the activities of the parent. A man who has proof that his ex is cohabitating with another man can often pay less alimony if not rid himself of it entirely.

Cohabitation Investigations: Are they living together? Get Proof!

The proof of cohabitation usually needed in family court to assist in child custody matters and just compensation claims for child support, spousal maintenance and alimony matters. Child custody may also be an issue during family court claims, all the facts that we present are done so in a well fashioned, clear, and easy to read manner which is admissible to the court. Please feel free to contact us. Our Cohabitation Investigators is one of the Top Family Law Investigators in Michigan, Ohio and Florida. Call: to discuss your investigative needs. If you prefer, you can contact us via chat by visiting our website

Cohabitation Investigations: What is it?

What is Cohabitation ? usually refers to an arrangement whereby two people decide to live together on a long-term or permanent basis in an emotionally and/or sexually intimate relationship. The term is most frequently applied to couples who are not married. More broadly, the term can also mean any number of people living together

Cohabitation Investigations are Used During:

•Legal Separation
•Alimony Adjustments
•Spousal Maintenance Calculations
•Child Support Recalculation
•Pre-Marital Background Investigation
•Other permissible purposes
We Support Several Client Types During Cohabitation Investigations:


Some Cohabitation Investigation Items:

•Asset Investigation
•Property Inventory
•Conflict of Activity
•Cohabitation Reports
•Background Investigations
•Semen Testing
•Bodily Fluid Testing
•DNA for Hair and Skin
•Covert Pregnancy Testing – Paternity Investigations
•Surface Drug Testing & Regular Drug Testing
•Photos of Unknown Subjects
•Communications Activity
•Computer Usage
•Internet Usage
•Email Tracing
•Identity Verification
•Covert and Undercover Assignments

If you are interested in our investigation services or have a few questions, please do not hesitate to call or go online and talk to one of our private investigators on our 24/7 live chat. Call the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency today at (586) 285 – 5000. For more information visit our website at


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