Are You Cheating and You Don’t Even Know it?

Are You Cheating and You Don’t Even Know it?

Are You Cheating?
Are You Cheating?

Are You Cheating? People don’t wake up one morning and decide to cheat on their partner out of the blue. The harsh reality of infidelity is that small, seemingly insignificant mini betrayals on one person’s end happen from time to time. These often times will seem harmless. But before you know it, the ultimate act of betrayal occurs and it is too late!

It’s not hard to spot  obvious signs of your partner heading towards an affair but unfortunately its the less noticeable actions that do the most damage and leave your relationship vulnerable to infidelity.


Are You Cheating?

Here are a few red flags you or your partner may be closer to cheating than you may think!

  •  Obsessively Checking  Your Ex’s Social Media Accounts

It’s one thing to every so often check out an ex’s page out of normal human curiosity. But when that curiosity turns to a neurotic fixation this is a definite warning of a problem to come!

If you were never married or don’t have children with your Ex there is no excuse to continue any communication or friendship if you have moved on to another relationship.

Cut the ties! You are in a new and better relationship so leave the past in the past.

  •  You Undermine Your Partner In Public

Don’t let your relationship become a joke to the people around you! Airing your “dirty laundry” does nothing but violate each other and create distance in your relationship.

Those cheap shots you take when your partner irritates you, eye rolls and sarcastic remarks may seem small but are deeply hurtful forms of betrayal.

  • Secret Relationships

It’s not necessary to disclose every little detail about about acquaintances but there is no reason to keep these friendships secret. Even though this relationship may be completely platonic your partner may feel jealousy or suspicion if the relationship is perceived as a secret.

Ask yourself one simple question: “Would I act the same with this person if my significant other was watching?”If you answer “No,” you’re likely crossing boundaries  that may lead into dangerous territory.

  • Stonewall Your Partner

When you begin to use this method to get your way every time you disagree with your partner, this is when problems will eventually arise.

Taking a little bit of time and space to yourself is one thing, but repeatedly withholding emotions and affection when you don’t get your way is cruel and childish.

This also goes with bringing up past issues. This tactic is only going to reopen old wounds and make the emotional scar bigger.

  •  Complaining About Your Partner to Others

Venting to friends now and then when you get into a fight with your partner is very different from consistently trash talking your significant other. Not only is this incredibly disrespectful, it will also call into question the sanctity of your relationship to yourself and others if you only focus on the bad things.

If you have a problem in your relationship, talk to each other! You need to have a foundation of trust in order to have a successful relationship.

  •  Selfishness

Being selfish on occasion is healthy and sometimes beneficial to others around you. Being perpetually selfish does nothing but show your partner you are better off without them.

One of the most destructive ways selfishness can affect your relationship is by invalidating your partner’s feelings. Whether you agree or not your partner’s feelings are never wrong. You may think downplaying your partner’s reaction will end an argument sooner but in reality it will only create a division between the two of you. This is  blatant  disrespect that manipulates your partner into not trusting their own emotions.

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