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What is Trolling? Adult Cyber Bullying on the Rise

What is Trolling? Adult Cyber Bullying on the Rise

What is Trolling? Adult Cyber Bullying on the Rise

What is Trolling? Adult Cyber Bullying on the Rise

Cyber Bullying, also known as trolling is a rising form of harassment in the digital age. This type of behavior generally takes the form of cell phones and computers. It can occur using text, different forms of SMS, social media and gaming. Basically any forum where people are able to view, share and participate in content.

Cyber bullying involves sending, posting, or sharing false, hateful, or embarrassing private or personal information about someone else. This kind of bullying can cross the line into cyber crimes, internet fraud and other criminal behavior.


There tends to be a misconception that this type of harassment is a juvenile matter that only affect adolescents. When this type of behavior enters adult territory it takes more serious forms of cyber stalking and trolling. In the growing age of the digital world most people understand the importance of protecting their personal information now, but their is a growing trend of using this form of bullying as a vindictive mechanism fueled by jealousy or revenge against an Ex. Serious cases may not only humiliate a victim but ultimately lead a person to the point of self destruction.


Internet “trolling” is a term that is a derivative of the common method of fishing that entails casting a baited line and anticipating a bite. Trolls on the internet basically do the same thing through social media, online forums, blogs and various websites in order to lure a victim to publicly humiliate and wreck havoc in online communities.

Trolls will adopt sneaky techniques that deceive a victim into a false sense of security. This person may ask stupid questions or allow a victim to momentarily feel superior, before relentlessly berating them into an overwhelming cyber nightmare.

Some of these people take it as far as forming groups to relentlessly stalk victims. This more disturbing type of trolling takes the shape of almost a cyber gang which can sometimes have devastating consequences. When things are taken to a more serious level, trolls may no longer get their satisfaction by only persecuting  their original prey but escalate to targeting family and friends of this individual.

A new study has taken a more in depth look at behavior patterns of people who use online stalking and trolling to get satisfaction and enjoyment. This report by Erin Buckels of the University of Manitoba investigates personality traits of trolls and takes a more comprehensive look to gauge if these people have similarities such as narcissism, manipulation, lack of conscience and antisocial tendencies.

Be aware that people who find pleasure in degrading others for sport exhibit disturbing signs of dangerous and alarming tendencies.

What do you do when you are a victim of adult cyber bulling or trolling?

  • Document yourself telling this person to never contact you again (this warning can help you legally later)
  • Take screenshots and save conversations.
  • Do NOT retaliate
  • Block the user on all social media sites.
  •  Check your privacy settings and make sure you are only sharing information with people you want to see it.
  • Report the user to an administrator.
  • Contact the police and report the harassment.

If you are a victim of cyber stalking and trolling you need protection! Private Investigators can help bring these people to justice so you can feel safe again.

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