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Are Women More Likely to Cheat?

Are Women More Likely to Cheat?

Are Women More Likely to Cheat? Women cheating!

Are Women More Likely to Cheat? Women cheating!

Traditionally in our society we are more disposed to the idea of men cheating on women.   We tend to think of infidelity as a rush and an ego booster for men, while we look at women more predisposed to monogamy and long term relationships. Is this really the case?

Women’s loyalty and faithfulness to their partner has much more to do with the emotional side of the relationship. Happiness and closeness are more often determining factors in a woman’s choice to cheat, where as a man is fueled by the physical aspects of an affair.

Loneliness may be one of the most influential facets in a woman’s choice to cheat.  Women crave an emotional connection when it comes to intimacy.  Lacking this important fulfillment in a relationship will drive a woman to invest significantly more time and effort in to an affair than a man will. With this being said, a woman will also spend more time weighing the pros and cons before cheating. Women typically will not carelessly pursue an affair with superficial objectives.  Instant gratification is rarely a factor in a woman’s affair, therefore things will be more thought out and carefully devised, making it more difficult for her partner to “catch her in the act.”

While women may suspect infidelity of their partners more often, sometimes a little snooping of their own may unveil a man’s careless actions.

Women Cheating: Signs of a Cheater

When it comes to suspicions of a woman, it may be in your best interest to hire a professional to investigate your partner. Here are a few indications you may want to proceed with an investigation.

  • Loss of Emotional Connection
  • Disinterest in Intimacy
  • Increased Privacy
  • More Independence
  • New Friends
  • Change in Appearance
  • Secret Schedule/Busier Schedule

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