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Don’t Ruin Your Case With an Illegal Asset Search

Don’t Ruin Your Case With an Illegal Asset Search

Asset Search

Asset Search

Asset Search and location of assets will often times make or break your case. This check is one of the most powerful tools you have at your fingertips. These searches check financial status.  They also provide the information you need for marriage and divorce proceedings, litigation and potential business partnerships.


An experienced asset search investigator can find a person’s hidden money and financial resources, stocks, property, businesses, liens and potential bankruptcies. This knowledge can be crucial to going forward with a court case. It can also be helpful when entering a binding agreement with someone. Unfortunately, far too often bogus investigators provide you with false information. These people will illegally obtain data.  This data will not be admissible in court. Not only  will it jeopardize your case but may have severe legal ramifications.

Asset Search: Licensed Michigan Private Investigator

It is important to find an experienced asset investigator.  More importantly, only a licensed, bonded and insured private investigator will be able to legally provide you with everything you need. Eye Spy Investigations has over 25 years of experience and extensive expertise in asset location. We use state of the art technology to provide our clients with the greatest access to information.

Our firm operates in full compliance with all laws. We only proceed with permissible purpose in order to obtain privileged information. Eye Spy Investigations has also perfected comprehensive techniques. These techniques allow us to locate hidden assets, that would otherwise have been impossible to find. Eye Spy can help locate hidden assets, bank accounts, property and more.

Professional asset checks ultimately give you the peace of mind. This allows you to make the most appropriate choices that could affect your business and personal life. Contact us for a free, and 100% confidential consultation, or call us at (888) 393-7799 today.

They can run but they can’t hide from EyeSpy






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