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Are You a Victim of Kittenfishing?

Are You a Victim of Kittenfishing?



What Is Kittenfishing? At this point most of us are already aware of the “catfish” epidemic. This viral epidemic has spread through the online dating world. But, there is another dating trend popping up more and more these days– kittenfishing.


Kittenfishing can be innocent and often times unintentional. But like anything, it can be very calculated and have devious motives. “Catfishing” is completely fabricating an identity. “Kittenfishing,” on the other hand is when a person exaggerates the truth.  Thus portraying themselves in an unrealistically positive light. All in all, making a good impact on potential companions.

Masking Insecurities

Kittenfishers are likely to bend the truth about everything. From their career, appearance, education level to family. Pretending to be more cultured or straight up lying.  Lying about their hobbies is another common tactic used by a kittenfisher. Along with focusing solely on one particular aspect of their personality.  They lie about that they think will appeal to their potential partner.

These people will use techniques, like having a friend ghost write their profile. Using heavily filtered or old photos to as bait.    All of this in hopes that misrepresenting themselves will make a better impression. This tactic is typically used with the harmless intent of masking one’s insecurities.  However,  this can end up ruining the chance of a meaningful relationship.

Combat The Problem

If you are always pretending to be someone you are not, in the long run the only person getting hurt is you. Considering how competitive the dating game is, its no surprise people are looking to put their best foot forward on dating profiles, but lying to do so is a problem. While video chats and live pictures can help eliminate some of the embellishing people do concerning their appearance, you are going to have to dig a little deeper when it comes to the rest of it.

At Eye Spy Investigations we can run numerous checks for you if you are concerned things are just not adding up with the prince charming you found on Tinder. We can find out everything from criminal history to their education and financial status.

We have access to not only public records but military and criminal records and use only the most state of the art government databases to access information. Our investigations are 100% confidential and if nothing is found you can ride off in the sunset but you may just save yourself from a devastating heartbreak or something much worse.

For more information about how we can help you from being the next kittenfishing victim please call us today (888) 393-7799 or visit our website

They can run but they can’t hide from Eye Spy.



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