What is the Hoover Maneuver?

What is the Hoover Maneuver?

Hoovering. The Hoover Maneuver
Hoovering. The Hoover Maneuver

Start the New Year off with a bang

It’s the start of a New Year. For most of us that means we are making resolutions and are enthusiastic about starting off on the right foot. It’s the perfect time to let go of some of the old bad habits.

These habits may have hindered us in the past. Letting go allows us to open ourselves up to new and positive experiences moving forward. This unfortunately, is also prime season for hoovering.

What is hoovering?

“Hoovering” is a term that is used to describe someone with a personality disorder.  A Hooverer tries to suck their ex back in after a period of separation.  At Eye Spy Investigations we most often see this behavior when the “hooverer” realizes their ex has truly moved on from their toxic entanglement.

These sick people will try to walk straight back into their ex’s life. Furthermore, they completely disregard the destruction they left behind. All while trying to lure their victim back in by painting an illusion. They will promise that things will be different this time.

These sick narcissists know exactly what they are doing. They will completely manipulate the situation to their advantage.  This most often happens when the “hooverer” has a sudden moment of weakness.  They know from past experiences they can shamelessly suck their ex right back in. These people have absolutely no moral compass. They completely disregard the emotional and psychological damage they cause everyone in their path.

Signs of hoovering

  • They bait you with drama or try and cause problems in your current relationship
  • Faking a need for help
  • Declaring their love
  • Indirect manipulation by contacting your friends or family
  • Sending gifts
  • Apologizing and promising they have changed

Stop being a victim

Hoovering is a sick game only being used to play on your emotional vulnerabilities. These monsters know how to manipulate you. They disguise their contact as an attempt to seek forgiveness, friendship reconciliation or even love. These people will stop at nothing to get the power and control they want.

This behavior can quickly turn dangerous. Our highly skilled team at Eye Spy Investigations has been helping people with these cases for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on only providing  state of the art services with the utmost of confidentiality in an expeditious manner to all of our clients. In the interest of your own safety you owe it to yourself to at least talk to one of our private investigators about your case. Call us today at (888) 393-779 & learn more about how we can help you here: www.EyeSpyInvestigations.com



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