Politics Is A Dirty Business

Politics Is A Dirty Business

Politics and Investigations

Politics and Investigations

Politics can be a dirty business. When you decide to enter this world, it can be overwhelming and even a little ugly at times. Eye Spy Investigations has years of experience navigating the political spectrum. Our team of highly skilled investigators include former politicians and government officials who have first hand knowledge and background to assist  you with your private political investigations for your campaign. After over 25 years of experience and dedicating many hours to political investigations and opposition research it never ceases to amaze us what people think they can get away with.

Politics: Opposition Research & Political Investigations

With over 25 years’ experience conducting opposition research, Eye Spy can help! Eye Spy  can compile information about the political candidates.  We use secret techniques and resources to gather information.

Here is some of the opposition research and political investigation services we provide at Eye Spy Investigations to assist you:

  • Background Checks
  • Electronic Surveillance
  • Covert Vehicle Tracking System
  • Witness Locating & Interviews
  • Computer Database Checks
  • Protection Services

Digging Up The Dirt

No matter what you need, Eye Spy Investigations, can get you the information you need legally and ethically. Whether you are looking for opposition research or need bodyguard protection, you will find that we have a great advantage over our competitors with our state of the art equipment and technology. We employ only highly trained private investigators with backgrounds in everything from politics, law enforcement, finance, military and computer sciences just to name a few. All of our services are provided with 100% confidentiality and in an expeditious manner. If you would like more information on our political opposition research and investigation services please contact us today. We have investigators available 24/7 to answer and questions or concerns you may have.


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They can run but they can’t hide from Eye Spy!




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