Danger Age Your Lover Will Most Likely Cheat On You

Danger Age Your Lover Will Most Likely Cheat On You

Danger Age Your Lover Will Most Likely Cheat On You

Danger Age Your Lover Will Most Likely Cheat On You

Have you ever wondered what is the danger age? What is the age that your partner is most likely to  cheat on you?

Last year those most likely to cheat were 39. However, this year the people in their 50’s and 60’s are the biggest cheaters! The dating sites are booming with baby boomers. People in this range are as much as twice as likely to cheat. Also, people are most likely to have affairs as they approach a new decade in life, for example 29, 49 or 59.

“Age ain’t nothing but a number.” – Pretty Ricky

Unexplained late nights in work, extreme privacy and lies can all be indications that they’re playing away.

Most Common Reasons for Cheating:

  • Bored in the bedroom
  • The opportunity presented itself
  • Bored with current partner
  • Meeting with an old love
  • Needing change

The Men vs. The Women

Women are more inclined to commit adultery between six and 10 years of being with someone. However, when it came to examining male infidelity rates, men were most likely to cheat after 11 years.

Multiple factors lead people to refrain from committing adultery. But, more commonly these related to a desire to maintain moral standards and a fear of being alone.Ironically, even when people cheat, they disapprove of other people cheating.

Seven Year Itch

Have you ever heard about the seven-year itch?  It’s a psychological theory that happiness in a relationship starts to go downhill after seven years of marriage. It’s also supposed to be the time when couples are more likely to cheat. However, nowadays it seems that people are waiting 20-30 years into their marriage before they cheat.

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