Is He a Serial Cheater?

Is He a Serial Cheater?

Is He a Serial Cheater?

Is He a Serial Cheater?

Is He a Serial Cheater? A Serial Cheater is someone who seeks out extramarital sexual relationships or hook-ups continually. A serial cheater is what we refer to people who are addicted to cheating.

And guess what? If your girlfriend cheats on you once, odds are she’ll cheat on you again, and again, and again. The more times a person cheats and subsequently lies about it, the less guilty they feel about it. So the more likely they are to do it again, over and over. The saying “once a cheater, always a cheater” is pretty accurate.

Each time a person lies, they feel less and less culpable. So basically, the more times a person cheats, the better they feel about cheating, so they do it again.

This “adaptation to dishonesty” happens because the amygdala, which is the emotion center of your brain, gives a weaker negative response each time you’re dishonest. It’s kind of like gaining immunity to the guilt you feel when you tell a big fat lie. After a while, you literally don’t feel bad about it.

Serial cheaters are either sociopaths who don’t feel guilt or remorse about sleeping around, or they’ve simply cheated so much that their brains have adapted to their sinful, adulterous ways, and they don’t care anymore.

Serial Cheater: Personality Traits

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