Micro-Cheating: Is it Still Cheating?

Micro-Cheating: Is it Still Cheating?



What is Micro-Cheating? Where is the line between being disloyal to your partner and having a life?

New relationships are both exciting and incredible. That feeling of fluttering butterflies in your stomach when they look at you. The anticipation of waiting for them to return your text. However, after a while the thrill is gone. Some people will start looking for that high someplace else.

Micro-Cheating: Is It Cheating?

Are you commenting and liking posts that do not belong to your partner?Do you find yourself staring at their instagram and facebook photos? You may be engaging in micro-cheating. These acts aren’t quite cheating, but they are definitely shady nonetheless.

 Most people in relationships dabble in some form of micro-cheating at some point. Don’t worry, it’s completely normal. Cheating usually implies an exchange of one kind of bodily fluid or another.

Fantasizing about someone other than your partner is common for both men and women. Being attracted to others is a normal experience. The fact is, 46% of women and 42% of men have fantasized about someone other than their partner during sex.

Infidelity Statistics 2017

  1. In over one third of marriages, one or both partners admitted to some form of cheating.
  2. 40 percent of online flirtations graduate into physical affairs.
  3. 10 percent of affairs begin online.
  4. 36 percent of men and women admit to having had an affair with a co-worker.
  5. If a person has cheated in the past, they are 350 percent more likely to cheat again.
  6. 22 percent of men admit to having cheated on their significant other.

The Scale of Cheating

From wishing someone happy birthday on Facebook, which plainly isn’t a problem, to taking off your wedding ring before chatting someone up in a bar, which plainly is. Is your partner talking about their Ex too much?That’s micro-cheating. But what’s too much?

If you’re horrified by their wishing people happy birthday on Facebook, you do have a problem. Although it’s probably one rooted in your anxiety. If you’re needy and insecure, you’ll suspect your partner is micro-cheating when they aren’t – possibly even driving them away.

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