Red Flags: Will He Cheat On Me?

Red Flags: Will He Cheat On Me?

Red Flags: Will He Cheat On Me?

Red Flags: Will He Cheat On Me?

You obviously trust your partner or you wouldn’t be with them, right? We would all like to think that cheating is just something that happens to everyone else but unfortunately anyone can cheat.

Love is blind. That may be a tired cliché, but it’s the main reason why so many women are left heartbroken. It’s always an unsettling feeling when you have suspicions of your partner being unfaithful. However, everyone cheats in different ways. Therefore, jumping to conclusions if you see any of these signs is a mistake.

At Eye Spy Investigations our team has come across a lot of cheating over the last 25 years, below we have comprised a list of some obvious and more importantly not so obvious signs your guy could give off if they are going to cheat.

Classic Red Flags

  • Sudden withdrawn intimacy
  • Irregular spending habits
  • Spending more time at the gym
  • Running extra errands
  • Working late

Red Flags: More Subtle Signs To Look Out For

  • Big Ego
  • Good liar
  • No guilty conscience
  • Commitment issues
  • He has cheated previously
  • His parents cheated
  • Lost his job
  • Giving you extra attention
  • Strange cellphone habits
  • He has a new hobby or new favorite drink/food

Don’t be alarmed if your guy shows one or two of these traits once in a while. However, It’s when three or more red flags start adding up or something just doesn’t feel right, it may just be time to do some investigating. Don’t hesitate to contact Eye Spy today! We can spot a cheater from a mile away! We have investigators available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to discuss your case.

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