Superbowl Isn’t Just The Biggest Football Weekend Of The Year

Superbowl Isn’t Just The Biggest Football Weekend Of The Year

Superbowl Weekend Cheating
Superbowl Weekend Cheating

Its Not Just The Patriot’s Cheating During Superbowl Weekend. However, the week leading up to Valentine’s day can be one of the biggest red flags you have a cheater on your hands. This time of year sprinkled with heart shaped cards and chocolates. Therefore, It should be no surprise that it’s one of the best times to catch your cheating mate in the act. It seems pretty obvious that if you are going to catch a cheater, sometime around Valentines Day would be a great place to start.

Superbowl Weekend Cheating

It used to be an unspoken Holiday, that February 13th was “mistress day”.  But with so many new ways to snoop on your partner in the digital era, cheaters have to find a more creative time to get a Valentine’s day cheat in this day in age. Superbowl weekend is the new hot time to cheat with your mistress before the iconic Hallmark holiday. You have to face it, it’s a great excuse. How many women are really going to question their man going to meet up with his buddies to watch the biggest football game of the year? He’s going to watch the game alright, but not with the guys!

Let’s be honest with all of these DIY apps on our phones and new secret devices surfacing these days everyone thinks they are a private investigator. Here are a few more hints you can spot around Superbowl that are tell tale sounds you have a cheater on your hands:

Signs You Have A Cheater On Your Hands

  • Snapchat is their number one choice of communication
  • Lots of excuses
  • Change in intimacy
  • New or suspicious icons on their phone or computer
  • Change in routine

Eye Spy Investigations can spot a cheater from a mile a way. Whether its Superbowl weekend or things are just not quite adding up, it may be time to do some investigating. Don’t hesitate to contact Eye Spy today! We can spot a cheater from a mile away! We have investigators available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to discuss your case. Call us today at (888) 393-779 or learn more about us here:


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