5 Things Girl’s Are Actually Doing in The Bathroom

5 Things Girl’s Are Actually Doing in The Bathroom

The Girl's Bathroom
The Girl’s Bathroom

For some reason, the inevitable fact that girls will take over the bathroom in packs has puzzled men for generations. No matter the social setting, when one girl mentions she’s going to the bathroom, a whole cliché follows. Why do girls feel the need to go to the bathroom in groups? It’s definitely not because our bladders are on the same schedule. For those of you who are baffled by this mystery, let us break it down for you.

5 Things Girl’s Are Actually Doing in The Bathroom

I’ve Got a Meeting in The Ladies Room. I’ll be back Real Soon! 

  1. Gossip:  You need your friends to go to the bathroom with you so you can borrow their makeup and they can tell you if your hair looks good or not. This is also the best time for girls to share their dirty laundry. Or maybe they are talking about cheating!
  2. The Great Escape: The token creepy old guy won’t stop winking at you or that freshmen keeps trying to dance. This is when you give your friend the look and she instantly knows it is time for a bathroom break. The one place weirdos can’t/shouldn’t follow you to is the ladies room; it’s our own little save haven.
  3.  No Friend Left Behind. It’s your worst nightmare – you muster up the courage to go to the bathroom by yourself, you come out and your friends are gone… every single one.
  4. Safety: There’s always safety in numbers. People are crazy, you can never be too safe.
  5. Opinion: Girls tend to be brutally honest.The bathroom is the place where decisions are made.  Girls put a lot of trust into their friends opinions.

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