Cheaters Favorite Beer. The Results are in!

Cheaters Favorite Beer. The Results are in!

Cheaters Favorite Beer

Cheaters Favorite Beer

Your husband’s favorite beer may indicate whether or not he’ll stay faithful. A study revealed the cheaters favorite beer. So, which Beer Do Cheating Husbands Prefer?

The results are in! Guinness is the official drink of summer one-night stands. As it turns out, Guinness and Corona were the top two beers of choice for cheaters, followed by Peroni San Miguel and Budweiser.

Cheaters Favorite Beer

Can the brand of beer in your fridge tell you if your husband will be faithful?

Ironically,men who report involvement in extra-marital affairs consume less alcohol than those who are faithful. Perhaps it is because they are more body and health-conscious than their monogamous counterparts.

A study by the University of Wisconsin found that drinking Guinness can reduce blood clots and the risk of heart attack. Guinness contains antioxidants like those found in red wine and dark chocolate, which are not found in other beers.

Tipsy Ladies

Men aren’t the only ones who give themselves by their personal preferences. Cheating women prefer martinis. This classic yet daring drink puts get female cheater on the prowl.

It is a scientific fact that most women have a lower tolerance to alcohol than men. Women are generally affected by alcohol more because they tend to have a higher proportion of body fat. As fat cannot absorb alcohol, it is concentrated at higher levels in the blood.

Catching a Cheater

Are you suspicious that your dirty dog partner is sniffing around another person? Do you often wonder if they are unfaithful or cheating? Are they acting suspiciously? Keeping strange work hours? Are they  getting strange phone calls or texts at odd hours? Do you feel the trust in your relationship is fading? They may be cheating on you!

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