24K Gold Digger

24K Gold Digger

24K Gold Digger

24K Gold Digger

A woman who cares more about a man’s bank account than she does about the man. The closest male equivalent is a gigolo or boy toy. A gold digger is a person who is primarily interested in their partner’s money and what it can do for them. You’ll notice that gold diggers often push their partners for expensive gifts, loans, and allowances. These types of people often engage in romantic relationships for money rather than love.

The World is becoming more materialistic day by day. It comes as no surprise when you get to know some rich guy gets caught up in the web of a gold digger. Most of us laugh at these men for being too stupid to fall for such obvious ploys. But the truth is that gold diggers are expert manipulators. You don’t even know you’re in a relationship with one till it’s too late. That’s why you should read this article carefully to avoiding being deceived.

It’s A Man’s World

For a man, dating is today is harder than ever. Social networks and the media send the message that material things = signs of your love. Everywhere you look, you’re bombarded with signs of what a man does for a woman he loves. Go on Facebook, and you’ll see pictures of women posting the latest present their man got for them. Get in your car, and you’ll see billboards advertising everything you’re supposed to buy for her. Obviously, this is all marketing, but that marketing has a direct effect on our dating culture.

Unraveling the illusive Gold Digger: He had hearts in his eyes, she had dollar signs.

You have to give these women some credit. They are able to convince presumably intelligent, high-powered men into a marriage that is probably completely devoid of any sort of passion, affection and/or attraction.

A gold digger is only a gold digger if she strictly married a man for money. However, she’s not a gold digger if she simply married a man with money. That’s the difference. Marrying entirely under the pretenses that you are going to be a dirty succubus leeching off your spouse means that love never crossed your mind.

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