Top 10 Hotels For Cheaters

Top 10 Hotels For Cheaters

Hotels For Cheaters

Hotels For Cheaters

If you’re wondering which hotels cheaters take their mistresses, you needn’t wonder anymore. Although some cheaters prefer a quick stop at a cheap motel, others prefer to pay to have their secrets kept. Professional cheaters prefer to be accommodated. We are not just talking about turn down service with a chocolate on the pillow.

Cheaters nowadays are not afraid to cash out when they are being mischievous. People with some extra cash are the most likely to splurge on those extra-curricular activities.

Food for thought

Thursday night is the most commonly booked for a little extra-marital hanky-panky.

Hotels Will Help You Cheat

Before you decide to bust your cheater on your own, remember one thing. Most hotels and restaurants will cover for their regular patrons. After you make an inquiry, they will contact your significant other. Once the cheater knows that you are on to them, they completely change up their routine. Making it 50 times harder to catch them in the act.

Today’s finest hotels and restaurants work hard to accommodate their guests’ extra curricular activities. To ensure this, the owners and managers of the world’s most exclusive restaurants and hotels pull out all the stops.  Making sure their best customers can conduct their affairs there with ease. Regular customers who, on the same day, bring their mistress in for lunch, and their wife for dinner.

Their policy is to keep a client ‘résumé’ on file. That means that they will never call your Wife by your mistresses name.

 Top 10 Hotels For Cheaters

1) Hyatt
2) Hilton
3) Sheraton
4) Comfort Inn
5) Holiday Inn
6) Radisson
7) Courtyard Marriott
8) Westin
9) Four Seasons
10) Best Western

The top budget chains like Comfort Inn and Holiday Inn are preferred by the frugal.

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