Mom’s Fidget Spinner: Supermom or Functioning Alcoholic?

Mom’s Fidget Spinner: Supermom or Functioning Alcoholic?

Mom's Fidget Spinner

Mom’s Fidget Spinner

A Mom’s Fidget Spinner Blows Up The Internet. Now, she’s an internet sensation, thanks to her super clever yet simple video of mom’s version of a widget spinner, a wine corkscrew! FYI, the wine.

Moms making jokes about drinking wine is a huge cliché, right up there with yoga pants, coffee, and minivans, right? But see, the thing is, some Mothers require alcohol to deal with motherhood.  Meanwhile, the USDA defines moderate drinking among women as up to one drink per day.

However, many Mothers are unknowingly turning into alcoholics. Washing down prescription pills with their favorite vino. Does this make them a better parent or a functioning alcoholic?

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This is Mom’s Fidget Spinner! Put A Cork In It!

Why A Mom Needs Wine

It’s the double-edged allure of drinking. It’s a legal mode of escapism, and the camaraderie over talking about drinking is as intoxicating as the buzz itself, especially among mothers.

“I need a drink!” is shorthand for “I’ve worked hard, and I’ve earned it.”

Mom’s Fidget Spinner: Supermom or Functioning Alcoholic?

Having it All?

Why are all these moms turning to the bottle? Research suggests that a woman’s self-imposed pressure and the desire to be a “supermom” can cause anxiety, stress and depression.

Knocking back a cold one is not only an attempt to numb difficult emotions, it’s also a socially acceptable and inexpensive way to unwind after a long and stressful day. This habit can quickly progress since it’s easier to justify the amount of alcohol consumed. What’s more, there are fewer warning signs or consequences of drinking in the privacy of your own home, making it easier for functioning alcoholics to cling to outward appearances and deny deeper issues.

Child Custody:You Say She Drinks Too Much? Prove It

Many people will accuse mothers of excessive use of alcohol.  They do so in a mistaken belief that a mother must prove that she doesn’t drink too much. In reality, every accusation must be supported by credible evidence.

The person making the accusation has the burden of proof of showing that there is some credible evidence.The reality is that you may have very much evidence beyond your own observations. Statistics show that women are less often arrested for drunk driving, public intoxication or battery (involving alcohol) than are men.

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