Are Stressed Out Moms the New Prescription Pill Poppers?

Are Stressed Out Moms the New Prescription Pill Poppers?

Popping Pills

Popping Pills

It’s the nation’s fastest growing drug problem and it could be happening right next door. The face of the nation’s drug addict is changing. Many moms are popping pills from Percocet to Xanax just to get through the day.

A mother who is usually addicted to strong opiates or methamphetamines she can get legally or illegally. Often soccer moms take the edge off the meds high with booze or cheap domestic beer. Being a mom, most likely with an oblivious husband with a well-paying job, she’s usually in possession of a solid grocery-getter/multi-passenger car most likely a white mini-van. Therefore, she is able to get several kids to soccer practice after school while she’s hopped up on meds.

The meth addict was once #1 in population only to be usurped by the pill-popping soccer mom. The fastest growing drug problem is likely right in your neighborhood. Suburban moms are taking center stage in the pill popping sector. You really wouldn’t know it and you certainly can’t spot them without a cleverly trained eye. This group is spending a good deal of time seeking out prescription pills like Xanax and Percocet and they are taking them regularly just to make it through the day. These women have become functioning drug addicts.

The New Face Of Addiction: Moms and Popping Pills

These moms have beautiful homes in the upper echelon, husbands, and kids, many even own businesses. Most of these women got started taking drugs by their doctor who may have prescribed pills for anxiety and stress, or for pain. However, it doesn’t take long before the drugs have to be supplemented and there are no limitations on what they will do to get them.
Moms become dependent and need the pills to become high energy supermoms. Some order the pills online and some will even make trips to places like Mexico to get their supply. These are women with flawless criminal records and they are resorting to becoming two bit common criminals.

This problem is becoming a rampant movement and it is not just moms, its grandmas too. The Centers for Disease and Control report that sales of prescription painkillers have quadrupled since 1999, and so have the number of overdose deaths. Also, one in eight Americans, or 40 million people, has prescriptions for Xanax.

Most Requested Drugs

The top drugs requests are Vicodin, Percocet, Ambien, Oxycontin and Xanax. These women begin to build up habits that cost as much as a few thousand dollars a week, businesses begin to fail, marriages crumble, and friendships falter.

The number of overdoses in this group is rising rapidly. Without professional help, addicts have only a very small chance of recovering on their own. There is so much help available for not only these women but all those suffering from the disease of addiction. There is also a tremendous amount of support available to help the road to recovery.

Child Custody:You Say She Is Popping Pills? Prove It

Many people will accuse mothers of popping prescription pills.  They do so in a mistaken belief that a mother must prove that she doesn’t. In reality, every accusation must be supported by credible evidence.

The person making the accusation has the burden of proof of showing that there is some credible evidence. The reality is that you may have very much evidence beyond your own observations.

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