Skeleton In The Closet

Skeleton In The Closet

Skeleton In The Closet

Skeleton In The Closet

Is there a Skeleton in their closet?  It can also be a fact about one’s family. Such as a kept secret because of shame or fear of disgrace. Many people hope that this scandalous fact or event stays in the past and kept secret.

Do you ever get the feeling someone is hiding something? Or maybe they get quiet and distant for no apparent reason, leaving you confused or even hurt when he pushes you away?

Skeleton In The Closet

It is time to learn, not hide, from the past. Secrets can damage a relationship beyond repair. Sometimes they aren’t crucial, but they can also be the point on which a couple breaks apart.

Are They Cheating?

From double-takes and chatrooms to massages with a “happy ending” and burner phones, cheating happens just as much as it always did, but now there are many more ways in which it happens.

Remember, just because you’ve found a romantic life partner doesn’t mean there will never be temptation. You can even be content in your relationship and still be tempted to “be even happier” by engaging in an affair outside your primary relationship boundaries.

A good marriage is no guarantee against infidelity. Infidelity happens in bad marriages and in good marriages. It happens even in open relationships where extramarital sex is carefully negotiated beforehand.

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